Visual Music Design

I have researched and developed a very distinctive and unique approach to composing and designing sound and songs called, “VISUAL MUSIC DESIGN“. This has manifested into a powerful music show called the “COSMIC BEAM EXPERIENCE

The main instrument in the show is a 13 ft. long steel channel beam (450 lbs.) strung with special steel wires utilizing electromagnetic pick-ups that create an indescribable sound sensation. This is also accompanied by an awesome set of drums that I hand made, along with bells, gongs, guitars and other instruments.

Francesco’s music has had tremendous media exposure over the last several years. Here are some of the films that The Cosmic Beam Experience Music is in.

  • Tree of Life (Terrence Malick’s) new film Starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, Winner of The Palme d’OR at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, nominated for 3 Oscars, including Best Picture.
  • The New World (New Line Cinema) Terrence Malick’s visual masterpiece nominated for best cinema photography. It features two Cosmic Beam Experience Compositions.
  • The Thin Red Line (20th Century Fox): I composed and performed additional music for Terrence Malick’s movie, nominated for 7 academy Awards, including Best Picture and best Dramatic Score.
  • To The Wonder written and directed by      Terrence Malick.
  • Knight of Cups written and directed by       Terrence Malick.
  • Voyage of Time written and directed by     Terrence Malick
  • Song to Song written and directed by         Terrence Malick
  • Silence                                                                      Martin Scoreses
  • Kong Skull Island                                                 Jordan Vog-t Roberts
  • VAXXED from Cover Up to Catastrophe     Andrew Wakefield
  • Last Hours . Carbon – sponsored and N       Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.
    Green World Rising
  • Truth Embargo produced by                           Just Cause Entertainment
  • Star Trek the Motion Picture (Paramount) Composed and performed sound effects for the movie, heard by millions of Trekies worldwide.
  • Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show (NBC) Four appearances before 6 to 8 million television viewers coast to coast for each show, including Canada (over 30 Million viewers in total).
  • Media Attention: Several live performances, television/radio and news shows, newspaper write-ups and magazines articles.
  • War Of The Worlds Trailer (Steven Spielberg) Features the Beam composition.
  • Michael Moore’s (Sicko) Documentary with composition Beam.
  • Michael Mann’s (Public Enemies) with composition Beam.

Projects we are preparing to launch are:

  • The building of the Ultimate Sound System and Visual Music Design Experience. This will be the space shuttle of sound experiences!
  • The More Love Campaign, Spiritual Nightclub Project.
  • Productions of videos of songs I wrote: Go To Work, Heal Yourself, Let It Be Known-Calling
    All Angels and So Much Love and Dying to be Free.
  • Film scores, production and recording of five performance CD’s
  • Perform Live Concerts on More Love Campaign World Tour.

(this composition is on Francesco’s Drum Heaven CD)


(this composition is on Francesco’s Drum Heaven CD)


(this composition is on the True CD)